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([personal profile] groovy May. 21st, 2007 11:11 am)
I'm going to swear in this post. It helps me get my point across.

I really want Oprah or someone to do a segment on proper handshaking. This issue is far from trivial to me. I work in an office and am required to shake hands with various and sundry individuals.

Most have no clue how to shake someone's hand.

Most but not all are men. They've been taught NOT to shake hands like a wet fish, no limp wrists, etc. The pendulum has now swung the other way.

Many people (women included) reach GRAB and squeeze before your hands have the chance to engage properly. People, this causes pain. They grab and squeeze prematurely as if they have to be the first one with a firm shake.

THE GOAL IS NOT TO BE FIRM AND FIRST. The goal is to shake properly and equally. People do not see this.

I am no small person; no small woman. Nonetheless many people have hurt my hand by squeezing prematurely (pushing their thumb into the back of my hand, the delicate part) and by squeezing way too hard. This is unnecessary. eta: Sometimes they grab and squeeze so fast that they manage to squeeze only your fingers, they don't even get to the body of your hand. This is beyond annoying.

Damn these insecure people who do this. Damn that there are so many.

This happened today - about an hour ago and my hand is still hurting. It was our new intern with his fresh college face not knowing what the HELL he's doing. I wish someone in his school would teach ALL students the correct way to shake.

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