I'm always in the mood for a poll.

[Poll #1142091]


From: [identity profile] jennifergroovy.livejournal.com

As the info provides any/every secret I need to know about anyone, I'm keeping this one to myself. ~evil grin~

From: [identity profile] coconuthead.livejournal.com

I chose 3 because it is half of 6, which is really my number.

From: [identity profile] jennifergroovy.livejournal.com

22 is two two's. Hey guess what? Today is 222.

I figured people would get creative because with five choices not everyone would see their number.

From: [identity profile] jennifergroovy.livejournal.com

It's kind of the theme whereby "if you were stuck on an island and these five choices were available, which would you pick?" secnario.

From: [identity profile] rockbiter.livejournal.com

i dont think milk would taste very good on a deserted island. too much heat for lactose.....coffee makes me nauseous and i dont even know what kombucha is...im not into soda....diet or otherwise...
can i bring a blender to the island... for smoothies?

From: [identity profile] jennifergroovy.livejournal.com

Mmm... good idea. Make sure your blender is battery operated as the island in question will have no power. (Think Gilligan's...)

I'm not into coffee or soda either. As the matter of fact I've never had a can of soda in my life, it's true. Ask Bean Girl about that one. ;-)

Kombucha is an aquired taste but is hella good for you. Worth getting past the initial hump of "ew, this stuff is weird" phase.

My favorite brand by far is GT Dave's. See here: http://www.gtskombucha.com/gtmessage.html.


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