It took eight years to make this mess so don't expect it to be cleaned up in a few short months. Please don't give up on President Obama (I love typing that) too soon. Please continue to support him ongoingly.

Thank you.

Much love and light...
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The Beatles were the best band ever, never to be passed. In sixty years you'll still hear Beatles songs but most of the "pop" bands of today will be long forgotten. You can say the same thing about the 1980's for example. Let's take "Wham," they were huge in the 80's and the Beatles were long broken up but who do you hear more of today? Do I need to answer that?

Mothers are singing "Golden Slumbers" to lull their babies to sleep to this day and radicals are still playing "Revolution." Every spring I hear "Here Comes the Sun" on various radio stations. What gets played at weddings and funerals? "In My LIfe," not to mention "Blackbird." In the tv show "Life Goes On," the cast sings the opening "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da." I could go on and on. Heck, they just made a movie featuring all Beatles songs, "Across The Universe." That was 30+ years after their break-up.

Name another "pop/rock" band that can make as many claims.

That's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it. ;-)

It must be noted, the Beatles aren't necessarily my favorite band of all time, but there is no denying their power, like 'em or not.

Love n Beatles...
Apparently Rachel was a sex therapist for New England d├ębutantes before she became famous. Someone spliced a silly video from those days.

Love n kisses...
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( Feb. 21st, 2008 10:17 am)
I'm always in the mood for a poll.

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Love n light of the fridge at night...
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(It's always been my belief that at least 80% of the population likes it to roll from over the top. Please answer honestly.)
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...and fill out my poll.

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Luck, love n light...
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( Jul. 24th, 2007 07:24 am)
When you add two numbers, the result is a sum.
When you subtract two numbers, the result is a difference.
When you multiply two numbers, the result is a product.
When you divide two numbers, the result is a quotient.

(The adding and multiplying are easy to remember, it's the darned subtracting and dividing that drive me batty.)
(Public Post by Nate)

Outward Bound is to Easy as The Victorian Era is to Porn. They just don't mix. I had a good time on my course, not because it was lazy and easy to do, but because my pleasure was derived from a hot dinner after a day of hiking or recieving a helping hand from the person in our group ahead of you. Hard work is what made this trip worthwhile.

I am lazy. Being lazy and 8 mile hikes don't add up right. I was miserable the first few days, but as the course carried on I got to know my fellow 'bounders more and more... and we fell in to habits. By the end of the trip we were farting around each other, licking little spots of jam off of gravel, and we had seen all of the best and the worst in each other. Out in the backcountry you are really stripped down to all of your raw qualities, both good and bad.

I had a friend tell me that Outward Bound was a program (not meant to be, but) tailored to rich kids whose parents wanted them whipped in to shape, away from the Lexus, off coke, and out of their hair for a good chunk of the summer. When I arrived at the Fresno airport that is what I expected. When I met all of my peers I was thinking "holy shit, he was right" but it wasn't the case. Yes, most of them had parents who were making "bank", but as time carried on and their layers slowly peeled off I realized "hey, they are just like me". I forget who said this but "People who sweat together, stick together" and the more we all hiked the closer that we all got.

In Outward Bound they put us through this 3 day solo activity where we are all given our own invisible cage, cut off from human interaction completely, save a 5 second thumbs up/thumbs down to indicate how close to death we are. The point is to look inside of ourselves and some other fruity thing like that. I stayed in my sleeping bag the entire time except for those occasional water runs or bathroom breaks. It drove me to near madness. Humans are a social species and if you take away the social aspect of our surroundings we wind up creating the social aspect ourselves. "WIIILLLSSOOOONNNN!!!" exclaims a distraught Tom Hanks to his friend, a volleyball, during the movie Castaway. I was reduced to making friends with ants and offering them small crumbs of what little food I was given.

After solos we had a three day expedition where our wilderness instructors handed us the ball and let us take lead. They would hike about an hours run behind us and let us get to the end of the course. Of course we fucked up and followed a drainage insead of the trail and we landed ourselves in the middle of nowhere. BEST night of the trip.

I suppose that Outward Bound is different for everyone but for me it was not good or bad. It just was something that happened. I made friends and I am satisfied with all that I accomplished on the trip. We climbed peaks together, hiked over passes, walked all over (roughly 95 to 100 miles over the course of the trip), and at the end of it all we were just a big family. I am not telling you to go out and try a course but I am not dicouraging it either. It was hard and I pushed myself. I'm glad that I did.

(:::eta::: Nate probably won't respond to comments, but he'll read what you have to say.)
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( May. 21st, 2007 11:11 am)
I'm going to swear in this post. It helps me get my point across.

I really want Oprah or someone to do a segment on proper handshaking. This issue is far from trivial to me. I work in an office and am required to shake hands with various and sundry individuals.

Most have no clue how to shake someone's hand.

Most but not all are men. They've been taught NOT to shake hands like a wet fish, no limp wrists, etc. The pendulum has now swung the other way.

Many people (women included) reach GRAB and squeeze before your hands have the chance to engage properly. People, this causes pain. They grab and squeeze prematurely as if they have to be the first one with a firm shake.

THE GOAL IS NOT TO BE FIRM AND FIRST. The goal is to shake properly and equally. People do not see this.

I am no small person; no small woman. Nonetheless many people have hurt my hand by squeezing prematurely (pushing their thumb into the back of my hand, the delicate part) and by squeezing way too hard. This is unnecessary. eta: Sometimes they grab and squeeze so fast that they manage to squeeze only your fingers, they don't even get to the body of your hand. This is beyond annoying.

Damn these insecure people who do this. Damn that there are so many.

This happened today - about an hour ago and my hand is still hurting. It was our new intern with his fresh college face not knowing what the HELL he's doing. I wish someone in his school would teach ALL students the correct way to shake.

This month we experience a blue moon - the 31st of May. I find that lovely.

Love n light of the moon...
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